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What to Expect

Clear Horizons offers a variety of therapeutic services in order to meet each client's specific needs. Regardless of whether you are interested in individual, couples', or family therapy, your journey with us will begin with a diagnostic evaluation. Please call your insurance provider to verify your mental health benefits and complete the "Insurance Information Form" prior to attending this diagnostic evaluation/first appointment. Additionally, we request that all clients complete the "Client Information Packet". Please bring all completed forms with you to your first appointment.

After reviewing your paperwork, your therapist will thoroughly evaluate the sources of your current difficulty as well as understand historical or environmental contexts which impact you in the present. This diagnostic evaluation enables you and your therapist to identify treatment goals and designate which therapy service(s) are best suited to helping you reach these goals. Typically, individual, couples', and family sessions last 45-50 minutes in length, although 90 minute sessions are available upon request.

For those clients interested in group therapy, this process begins with a free 30 minute group screen, aimed at answering your questions and evaluating the fit between your needs and the focus of the group. Group therapy sessions are 90 minutes in length.

‚ÄčAdditionally, your therapist may recognize the need for another professional to join your treatment team. If this is the case, your therapist will be happy to help connect you to an internal medicine physician/pediatrician, dietitian, or psychiatrist. Rarely, after the diagnostic evaluation it becomes clear that your therapist does not have specific expertise in the area of your concerns. When this occurs, you can be assured that the therapist will refer you to another mental health professional who is a good match for your needs.